January 13, 2006

English Civil War coin hoard

A hoard of historic coins discovered when a builder stepped on them getting out of his Land Rover on Haddiscoe Island, near Yarmouth, has been bought by a Norfolk museum.

The 300 silver half-crowns, shillings and sixpences, dating back to the reign of Edward VI, will be cleaned and put on show at Yarmouth's Elizabethan House Museum from the summer.

The EDP reported last April that when Roger Cole, a foreman working on flood defence works, first spotted the coins he thought they were a pile of old Co-op dividend tokens.

Full story here. I wonder about the valuation of the hoard at 3000, though: that's comes out to only 10 per piece, which seems awfully cheap.

Posted by David on January 13, 2006 9:47 AM

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