July 6, 2005

Del Sarto, Canaletto sales

A rediscovered drawing by Andrea del Sarto, the last great Florentine artist of the High Renaissance, sold today at Christie’s in London for £6,504,000 / $11,395,008 / €9,586,896, a world record price for the artist. Head of St Joseph, a study for a picture now in the Pitti Palace, Florence, has become the third most expensive old master drawing ever sold at auction. A photograph from the 1920s had alerted scholars to the existence of this work, but its whereabouts have been a mystery. The work reappeared after more than 50 years in a private Swiss collection. The drawing was bought by Jean-Luc Baroni.
From Art Daily. The drawing apparently once belonged to Vasari. More on the Old Master drawings scene in London in the Telegraph.

Meanwhile, a record Canaletto sale, also at Christie's:

A painting by Italian master Canaletto has set a world record for the artist after being sold for £11m - twice its expected price - at auction in London.

The painting shows the Doge of Venice's barge, the Bucintoro, with crowds on what is thought to be Ascension Day, when the Doge blessed the city. . .

The painting, which had been expected to fetch between £4-6m, was part of an auction of items owned by Portuguese businessman Antonio Champalimaud, who died last year.

UPDATE: And now yet another record price:
A painting by Italian master Canaletto has been sold for £18.6m - breaking a world record set just 24 hours earlier.

View of the Grand Canal from Palazzo Balbi was expected to fetch up to £8m. Its sale to an anonymous phone bidder at Sotheby's shattered a record set on 6 July when another of his works sold at Christie's for £11.4m.

From the BBC.

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