December 16, 2004


I'm no fan of Internet Explorer -- mostly because of its security problems, but also because tabbed browser windows are so much more convenient. But given Microsoft's dominance, it was a surprise to read that nearly 20% of Colby Cosh's readers are now using the increasingly-popular Firefox, as do more than 15% of Instapundit readers. Cronaca readers are apparently a more conservative bunch: just under 8% are using Firefox, and only .8% use Opera (my current preference -- I still have to check out Firefox). Nonetheless, that's still about twice the alternative browser usage found among the general public.

UPDATE: And yet another gaping vulnerability announced in IE.

Posted by David on December 16, 2004 9:49 AM


I use Maxthon/MyIE
which is a front-end to IE: it has tabbing which I prefer to Firefox's, pop-up blocking, filtering, and other features.

Yes, it is still IE, I just don't much mind. I can make the toolbar and tab lines smaller than Firefox and combine stuff onto a single line, gaining some screen space.

I haven't tried Opera yet, probably won't. I thought about it when I had a 512Meg 98SE system, but on my new 3Gig XPProSP2 system (and DSL) speed seems OK>

Posted by: John Anderson Author Profile Page on December 19, 2004 5:47 AM
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