November 24, 2004

Reading 'em the Riot Act: still on the books in Rhode Island

Ran across an ongoing discussion of the original Riot Act here; this link notes that it is still the law of the land in Canada, and in modified form, Little Rhody. Can't wait to try it out:

11-38-1 Proclamation commanding dispersal. (a) If any persons numbering twelve (12) or more, being armed with clubs or other weapons, or if any number of persons consisting of thirty (30) or more shall be unlawfully, routously, riotously, or tumultuously assembled, any justice of the supreme or superior court or of a district court, justice of the peace, sheriff, mayor, deputy sheriff, town sergeant, or constable shall, among the rioters or as near to them as he or she can safely come, command silence while proclamation he or she is making and shall openly make proclamation in substance as follows:

"By virtue of the laws of this state in relation to routs, riots, and tumultuous assemblies, I charge and command all persons here assembled immediately to disperse and peaceably to depart to their habitations or to their lawful business, upon the penalties inflicted by law: God save the state."

Posted by David on November 24, 2004 9:37 AM

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