May 14, 2003

Dogs down lampposts

Your strange news for the morning:

Urinating dogs are being blamed for a rash of collapsing lampposts in Croatia. A report from the state-run power company says the urine left when male dogs mark their territory is corroding lampposts to the point where they collapse after a few years. . .

City officials who issued the report appealed to pet owners to make their dogs urinate somewhere else.

Posted by David on May 14, 2003 10:27 AM


It's an epidemic...
On April 14, 2003, Dog News reported:
Dog urine corroded lamp post kills pedestrian; study commissioned UK When a pedestrian was killed by a falling lamp post, an investigation revealed the cause: dog urine had corroded its base. In response, Derbyshire County Council commissioned a survey costing 75,000 to monitor and study the problem. The council will inspect one million lampposts in Derbyshire to determine if dog urine has corroded their metal bases. 'If it wasn't so serious it would be funny...' [BBCi] (hmmm... maybe they'll recommend restricting dogs from urinating on lamp posts. )

what to do? ban the dog peeing on lamp posts. If dogs are destroying lamposts, think of the damage they're doing to trees....

Posted by: me on May 14, 2003 6:20 PM

There is a way to stop this corrosion! Install an Ebonex(r) ACP system on the columns (cost about 50 per column) and the corrosion from this and a lot of other sources is eliminated by a technique known as "impressed current cathodic protection". This has been known from Victorian times, but has not, until now been cost effective. The life of the column will be extended indefinitely, and since in the UK at least, the cost of a column replaced is over 700, this method is cost effective!
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Posted by: Andrew Hill on July 7, 2003 4:35 AM
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