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Cronaca (kraw′·na·ka): Italian; from Lat. chronĭca, Gr. Χρονικά.
1. Historical narrative that presents events in order of their occurrence, the typical form of medieval historiography.
2. Record or report of an event or series of events.
3. Newspaper listing of notable events of the day.

Cronaca is a compilation of news concerning art, archeology, history, and whatever else catches the chronicler's eye, with the odd bit of opinion and commentary thrown in. Since history does not seem to have come to an end, other posts reflect a historian's-eye view of current events.

The cronista is David Nishimura. An art historian by training (ABD, Institute of Fine Arts), he is well known as a dealer and collector of old writing instruments. Whether he should be described as a generalist or as a serial specialist is an open question. He does not normally refer to himself in the third person.

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